Hoot Hoot!! (suite)

I think HootSuite may be oHootsuite_Collagene of the coolest social media experiences yet! What’s better than getting ALL of your social media feeds in ONE PLACE?!?!?! I never knew about this program until Jeremy showed us in class. Then, when I was speaking with the Marketing Coordinator for the company my group will be working with, she asked if I had heard of it. I was able to say “YEA!”

I never thought of how companies would use social media but HootSuite makes so much sense! You can see what your followers are talking about, see what the general consensus is, etc. The videos on the HootSuite website that walk you through the application really helped me have a better understanding of what you can use the program for! It seems to have endless possibilities!

I am excited to be able to use HootSuite for our project this semester and maybe use it for my personal accounts later!

I mean…just look at them <— how cute?!?! I just love OWLS!

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  1. jeremyfloyd@gmail.com'

    Suite, I mean Sweet! Glad you rocked it out at work!


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